A Few Words About Us


R JP custom print your products; any shape, any quantity, onto most materials, fast!


We have the technical expertise and state-of-the-art printing equipment to produce high quality results - quickly. We can custom print on any shape including cylindrical and conical in up to full colour.


For over 45 years R JP have been overprinting all types of products from electrical goods, automotive products to promotional gifts and can confidently fulfil all a client's print requirements, whatever the complexity. Our quality control procedures monitor production, care and protection of your products from arrival to dispatch.

What Our Customers Say

The Corporate Presence have used R JP for a number of years for our vairous printing needs and sourcing of promotional goods and we have found them to be the most helpful, efficient and prompt out of house printers we have ever used.


All aspects of R JP business are spot on - they always set-out to accomodate to the clients needs regardless of budget and timing restraints. In seven years we have never had a single problem or cause to complain. Their will to please, intergrity and professionalism set's them apart from their competitors. In addition to this the level of aftersales support offered by R JP sales force is paramount. They aim to please from start to finish - there has never been anything that they haven't resolved immediately and their staff are quick to respond, knowledgeable and professional but above all a pleasure to liaise with.


The service R JP offer is second to none and TCP thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

The Corporate Presence

I have worked with R JP for a number of years, the first thing that impressed me about R JP was their swift and helpful response to my questions and queries. R JP have extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff that are always ready to advise and help and go the ‘extra mile’ to help me service my clients effectively.


Their printing service is excellent as they are always able to achieve my clients requirements, in turn enabling me to confidently leave the job to them to be successfully completed, no matter how complex or tight deadlines.


In summary we are very pleased with their products and service!

The Promotion Group
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